Sensation Cassia Tea 覺明茶-決明子紅茶

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Extraordinary Tea
These day is a difficulty to sip a great tea made from natural tea leaves without any artificial additives.
To taste a of tea in peace is also a mind practice.

Making tea is to examine your mind. 

YUAN understands that the taste of great tea is not as tasty as those spicy, sweet artificial tea. However, when you taste the sip of this EXTRAORDINARY TEA, you can feel the compassion from natural herbs, fruits, flower, grass and woods.
Then each sip would be extraordinary taste, ever.

The tea making process has passed the latest and highest standard with 426 testing. Instead of adding artifical food additves to please your taste bud. Yuan reserves the natural powder and taste inside Extraordinary Tea.
Sensation Black Tea 
Aromatic, natural sweetness and smooth taste.
Suitable for those who sit for a,long period of time at work, over straining  your eyes, need better balance due to high consumption of greasy food.

Ingredients: Assam Black Tea (Taiwan), Cassia (India)

Directions: 1. Hot drink: Brew 1 tea bag in 300 cc of hot water for 6 minutes before serving 
                   2. Cold drink: Brew 1 tea bag in 300 cc of cold water and store in            refrigerator for 8 hours before serving. 

Weight: 3g/per sachet, 20 tea sachets. 




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