Travel: Mulberry & Chrysanthemum Shampoo 桑菊花洗頭水 Dry Scalp/Oily hair 50ml

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Suitable For: Sensitive, Dry Scalp and Hair

Mulberry Leaf & Chrysanthemum Shampoo - (Moisturising) Ultra Mild and Refreshing (桑菊花)

Mulberry leaves are rich in trace minerals that essential for humans, especially for scalp nourishment and maintaining energy. Chysanthemums give a mild and natural texture and also a pleasant and refreshing aroma. Other herbs found in this product includes lavender, rosemary and dandelion which will help in making your hair livelier and relax than ever.

Main Ingredients: Mulberry (Morus Bombycis) leaf, Chrysanthemum Sinense Flower Extract, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Taraxacum Officinale, Viola Yedoenesis, Chrysanthemum Sinense Flower, Semiagvilegia Adoxoides Root Extract

Volume: 50ml

阿原 桑菊花洗头水(保湿)

溫和 清爽(乾性/敏感)  桑葉富含肌膚必備的微量礦物元素,能使頭皮健康、充滿活力;菊花質地溫和,可舒緩頭皮,氣味親切芬芳,另外搭配迷迭香、薰衣草、蒲公英等多種植物成分,在溫和清潔頭皮的同時,還能讓髮絲感到輕盈無負擔。

容 量:50 ml






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