Travel: Citrus Shampoo 柑仔洗头水 Oily Scalp/Dry Hair 50ml

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A healthy scalp means no massive hair loss, no dandruff but strong beautiful hair. YUAN goes straight to the source, nourishing, repairing and rejuvenating your scalp so it should function the way it intended and bring you healthy hair once more. 

YUAN shampoos are watery but we make no apologies for it as its also concentrated, acting like a serum and also your cleansing agent, cleansing away daily grimes and dirt, and weariness away from you. 

Tangerines are excellent source of essential vitamins, which are beneficial for hair and scalp nourishment and repair. Other ingredients include neroli leaves, bergamot, eucylptus and precious essential herbal oils with light aroma. The result include easy styling and softer hair.

For: Normal to Oily scalp but dry hair 

Volume: 50ml

*Read Citrus Shampoo (previously known as Tangerine )review at

阿原 柑仔洗头水

潔淨 柔順(油性頭皮及髮質適用-油性長髮)

    容 量:50 ml


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