Mid Autumn Set 2015


 Mid Autumn Set 2015 中秋限定-真心誠意禮盒

Celebrate the Chinese Mid Autumn with Yuan's Jade Rabbit Gift Set with

4 premium soaps great for gifting

* Alpinia Speciosa Soap x 50g

* Brightening Soap x50g

* Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap x 50g

* Wild Mugwort Soap x50g

 The legend : Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine
The legend has it that about that three immortals reincarnated themselves into three poor old people and begged food from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The fox and monkey both gave food to the immortals. However, the rabbit did not have any food. It then said to the immortals: “you can eat me” and jumped into the fire. The immortals were so moved by the rabbit and sent it to the moon to become an immortal jade rabbit. Ever since, the jade rabbit stayed in the Moon Palace to accompany Chang E, the moon deity and pounded immortal medicine for those living in the heaven.

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